Your companion against information manipulation

Behind the name

In Norse mythology, Odin, the father of all gods, known for his wisdom and understanding of the world, had two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. These precious ravens of Odin flew every day to the human world and brought back news to Odin – they were his eyes and ears. Huginn translates as “thought” from Old Norse.

Today, Huginn serves you by watching over your business operations and security. It understands how your business operates and can detect even the subtlest sign of hostile activity towards your business’ continuity as well as non-intentional inside threats. In this sense, the name Huginn – “thought” – serves the solution well as it is the eyes and ears over your daily business, bringing you the news and situational awareness over your information assets’ integrity and validity.

The Solution

Meet the first security tool that understands your business and concentrates on securing your critical business processes instead of adding more mediating technology to your security stack. After all, it is the information and capability to run your business you want to secure, not the technology.

Huginn allows you to identify and control your critical information throughout its lifecycle in cooperation with your other security solutions. Avoid the complexity of changing business applications for security or business control purposes – wrap them with Huginn security capabilities and replace security costs with monetizable business benefits.


Huginn 9 Identifies your key information
Huginn 7 Secures business processes
Huginn 5 Monitors activity in key information
Huginn 3 Reduces the risk of regulatory non-compliance
Huginn 1 Detects the potential inside threats helping prevent the operational and financial consequences


Huginn 8 Flags and lets you react to activities that contradict your controls in real time
Huginn 6 Never requires costly changes to your existing business applications
Huginn 4 Works in cooperation with your other security solutions
Huginn 2 Tap into multiple data sources
Huginn Huginn grows with you – add or remove controls according to your needs

Concrete and immediate benefits

Let’s face it, no organization or operation is perfect or running optimally. People make errors and processes are not finetuned to their full potential. We often implicitly know these things but cannot put our finger on what hurts. With Huginn we can. Our customers have already discovered that Huginn is not only a security tool. They are using Huginn to observe their core business processes’ efficiency and integrity in their everyday work, letting Huginn monitor that processes are executed to specification. This integrity of and visibility to processes creates end-to-end security and trust in them. Huginn is one of its kind to turn security into tangible business benefits. As Huginn is set to observe the quality and changes of information from operational business processes, it can raise findings, which are not always security threats, but results of process inefficiencies and core business data quality issues. These inefficiencies create unnecessary costs from corrective work and have a direct effect on turnover and profit. By investigating these issues flagged by Huginn, you will create immediate savings from improved process efficiency.

Information Behavioral Analysis (IBA)

Huginn introduces the next generation of information security – the capability to provide security by analyzing events in the information assets. As the events are captured, they are analyzed in the corresponding business context and judged as either legitimate business events or something which need further analysis or impact prevention as immediate security threats. Huginn utilizes the IBA-approach. It does not contradict your existing security stack but complements it and co-operates with other solutions by analyzing the events they raise and providing additional inputs to their solutions.  Read more on how Huginn achieves all this in the “How it works”-section.


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