Service Design Monitoring

A story of developing capabilities through critical oversight


By introducing oversight across a service design customer journey, an organization was capable to:

Maintain that designed procedures and operations were successfully carried out in daily work

Notice deviances from the designed customer journey and take immediate action to maintain the desired level of service

Provide clear targets and metrics for personnel involved in implementing the designed service experience

An organisation had undergone a long service design development project. They had built customer profiles and mapped out their contact points. The end result was a solid customer experience from first contact all the way to providing feedback.

The nature of the business involved a host of different service paths to which the customer could be directed. These paths were also in many cases overlapping and crossing each other, while also varying greatly in length.

As different service paths were at the responsibility of different units, there were challenges in maintaining visibility across the overall situation. Upon a follow up made to the service design project some years after its completion, it was noted that many good ideas did not in fact realize in practice.

In addition to introducing a yet another new training program, it was decided that additional cross-unit visibility was also needed to monitor the developments. This is where Huginn came for help.

The end result

After bringing critical oversight into the customer journeys across different systems, it was soon noticed that:

Customers had an enhanced customer experience due to the organisations new ability to notice and quickly react to situations not taken into account in the original design

Better personnel commitment to the designed service design model and customer journeys was achieved through actively monitored concrete targets and metrics

A new capability was created to further enhance and develop the service design model, and to expand service design thinking to also other processes

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