Invoice Integrity Monitoring

A story of developing capabilities through critical oversight


By introducing oversight across the invoice payment process and related systems, an organization was capable to:

Save time and costs related to invoice processing

Maintain customer reputation by minimizing payment delays and errors

Protect against manipulation of financial data and misuse of privileges

An organisation had their invoice handling and payment processes designed so that the invoice data could be utilized by multiple operations. This included integrations to procurement data as well as business unit metrics. The arrangement also provided additional security through distribution of duties.

Invoice processing involved operations across different business units, and relied heavily on cross-system integrations. Upon time, such complexities were time and time again found to cause certain issues to emerge.

Most frequent of these issues resulted in paying interest due to delayed payments. In addition to direct loss of money, such cases also often involved spending time and effort to tracking down the delayed payments. It was also noted that overall visibility for the whole process was lacking, providing ample opportunities for malicious abuse.

It was deemed that better control over the whole process was required to enable better control over payments. This is where Huginn came for help.

The end result

After bringing critical oversight into invoice process and financial data integrity across different systems and environments, it was soon noticed that:

Time spent chasing after pending invoices was substantially reduced, along with payed delay interests

Customer reputation was increased through more timely payment of invoices

Payment processes were demonstrably better secured against manipulation and fraud

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