HR & Identity Management

A story of developing capabilities through critical oversight


By introducing oversight across HR processes and related systems, an organization was capable to:

Substantially reduce the amount of issues related to resource allocation

Eliminate the security threat posed by outdated digital and physical access rights

Demonstrate compliance over privacy and other employee related regulation

An organisation had HR processes built around a host of specialized systems. These enabled the control of different aspects of employee relationship, such as payroll, time management and access rights, by HR.

These HR processes involved operations with multiple different systems and environments, and relied heavily to cross-system integrations. Upon time, such complexities were time and time again found to cause certain issues to emerge.

Most critical issues were related to resource allocation, where solving problems on a daily basis was now the norm. On the security side, the lack of visibility was also found to increased exposure to the risk of malpractice. To add to the insult, upon auditing access rights, several redundant accounts with valid access rights to company premises were found.

It was deemed that fixing the redundant data would not in itself be sufficient. Instead, overall visibility across the whole processes and systems should be developed. This is where Huginn came for help.

The end result

After bringing critical oversight into HR data and identity management across different systems and environments, it was soon noticed that:

Resource allocation related issues were significantly reduced due to up to date employee data across all systems

The security threat posed by outdated digital and physical access rights was practically eliminated

Compliance to HR related legislation, including GDPR requirements regarding employee personal data, could be confirmed and effectively demonstrated

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