Critical Oversight

Watching over the correctness of your information

Huginn is your guardian against information errors, mistakes and manipulation

Grasp your issues as they occur

Information correctness is a key asset to any operation. With Huginn, you are able fix issues before they evolve into problems

“Less than half of an organization’s structured data is actively used in decision making”

Harvard Business Review


“Up to 80 % the time devoted to analyzing data is spent merely discovering and preparing it”

Harvard Business Review


”Our system is fundamentally founded on the idea of trust of the data we’re looking at.”

Michael Rogers, Director of NSA


“Average time to identify a breach is over 6 months after their occurrence”

IBM Cost of Data Breach Study 2017


A new type of transparency

A holistic view between how systems function and how they are operated

Key benefits

Life-cycle based information monitoring
Reducing the risk of non-compliance
Detecting potential insider threats

Key features

Capable of tapping into a multitude of data sources
Doesn’t require changes to existing systems or applications
Works together with your current monitoring solutions

Working together with your technology

Providing new insight for your monitoring by complementing your existing stack

Capabilities added by Huginn


Security Incident & Event Monitoring. Huginn brings added visibility to critical information


File Integrity Monitoring. Huginn brings a new level integrity under monitoring


Intrusion Detection System. Huginn helps notice insider threats and privilege escalation


Intrusion Prevention System. Huginn helps stop process based malicious activity


Process Intelligence. Huginn brings enhanced intelligence in light of information


Business Intelligence. Huginn ensures that reporting is based on correct information


Data Governance. Huginn helps enforcing data governance rules and practices


Data Quality. Huginn provides advanced data quality monitoring across different systems

How Huginn works

Behavior of information is followed across it’s whole life-cycle by utilizing existing analytics functionalities

How to get started

Go from planning into monitoring in less than a month


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Let’s work together to ensure your information stays correct!

Jani Antikainen
Chairman of the Board
Janne Maijanen
Chief Technology Officer
Markku Koponen
Director, Business Development & Sales

Huginn is a product developed by Sparta Consulting Oy

Developed and produced in Finland

Founded in 2012 to provide a new way of producing consulting services, Sparta Consulting is full service house for information management and business development. Since it’s founding, Sparta has had a steady track record of growth, doubling it’s turnover for the past few years in a row.

We at Sparta believe that information has to be reliable, it should be used in a way that creates value, and that it should be managed and protected efficiently. Our value proposition is absolute customer satisfaction.

Huginn was born on the idea of protecting information instead of technology, and to understand the processes that truly determine the behaviour of information.

Sparta’s Information Management consulting is able to ensure swift deployment of Huginn. This can be done either by our own contribution, or by providing defined procedures to be utilized by partners.

Sparta Consulting Oy is proud to be a member of the following associations:

Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries AFDAFinnish Information Security Cluster FISC


Sparta Consulting website


How we came to provide a bird’s-eye view over your information

Odin, the Norse supreme god, gave up a part of his sight in return for his powers. He made up for the weakness by employing a host of animals to serve him. Among these were ravens, whose task it was to fly into the world of men every day, and to return with their observations to Odin in the evening.

One of these ravens was named Huginn, which is Old Norse for ‘thought’. As the name suggests, instead of merely reporting, the raven also understood what he saw, and thus held an important part in Odin’s decision making.

For years, we have worked with utilizing information and managing by it. Based on our experience, we have created a solution that brings Odin’s raven to modern age.

What Huginn brings you is an understanding of key operational information and its behaviour. It ensures that your decisions will always be based on correct information.